Community Pools Service Inc.,Reston, Virginia, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
Excellent agency staff dedicated to work and more than you need. :) It was this year, next year I'm going back over them. Any recommendations!

Experience with location Reston, Virginia was neutral.
Reston is a small town near the Washington - a ( DC ) . Quiet and not very interesting little town , I can tell even by me a little bit boring. It is located at about 20 min by car from DC. What has bothered me most is that , if you do not have a car, you have to take the bus for half an hour up to the first metro station . But there is hope for this next year should it connect directly to the subway ..

Experience with employer Community Pools Service Inc. was positive.
Hours 8 $ Number of hours per week : 50 In essence an easy job , but very boring , especially if you are on a single basin and pushing poor visited :)

This review represents personal opinion of Ivana who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Experience, working at Community Pools Service Inc. in Reston, Virginia.

Jul 30, 2016