Community Pools Service Inc., Frederick, MD, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was neutral.
Friendly staff , very kind and considerate , but they were from the beginning promised some things that do not depend on them personally, which is totally unnecessary and specific information which they must have had , they did not shared with us , and we got those informations after arrival in the USA .

Experience with location Frederick, MD was neutral.
The place is quite isolated and there is no built metro line to Washington , so you must use the Marc train which is very unreliable due to the fact that it is a commuter rail , and acording to that timetable by itself is limited. As far as the transportation in Frederick concerned, careful attention is needed where one bus starting point is and at what time because a lot of them are going on every hour aproximatly. Center is a nice little town , abounds in museums related to the American Civil War , various cafes and restaurants , as well as monotonous as it is mostly all open until 21 / 22h on weekdays and weekends until 2 in the morning. When people are concerned, in 90 % of cases are very nice and communicative and predominantly families with children . Here lives a lot of Hispanics who do not know a word of English , which is understood to spoil the general impression as they are often very simple and intrusive. All in all , a very average American suburb of about 67 000 people , so you get what you get ! :)

Experience with employer Community Pools Service Inc. was negative.
Wage per hour: 8.50 $ Hours per week: 48-60 Average tips: 0 They are very disorganized and unprofessional. They were not paying overtime to the rescuers (bar branch in Maryland) although the contract says that it is mandatory. Whenever we tried to talk with them about this, no one he could / would not provide a specific answer why. Online schedule was all but up to date, and we were forced to call a staffer every day in order to find the location at which to work the next day. It happened to be attributed to international rescuers pool that would be far more than an hour by bicycle pretending that everything is all right, but when supervisors / assistants regional managers personally drove us to those pools, we waited for them for an hour after work so they would drove us for about another 50 minutes to the apartment. Far from being that the wages are catastrophically low, especially in combination with the extra work, but I'm just thinking that it is not worth the trouble of that there are a lot more organized companies that are far more worthwhile.

This review represents personal opinion of Milica who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Experience, working at Community Pools Service Inc. in Frederick, MD.

Aug 13, 2016