Frederick, MD

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  • A little further from DC, but people are ok, in this city has a place to go out, on the whole satisfied ..

  • The place is quite isolated and there is no built metro line to Washington , so you must use the Marc train which is very unreliable due to the fact that it is a commuter rail , and acording to that timetable by itself is limited. As far as the transportation in Frederick concerned, careful attention is needed where one bus starting point is and at what time because a lot of them are going on every hour aproximatly. Center is a nice little town , abounds in museums related to the American Civil War , various cafes and restaurants , as well as monotonous as it is mostly all open until 21 / 22h on weekdays and weekends until 2 in the morning. When people are concerned, in 90 % of cases are very nice and communicative and predominantly families with children . Here lives a lot of Hispanics who do not know a word of English , which is understood to spoil the general impression as they are often very simple and intrusive. All in all , a very average American suburb of about 67 000 people , so you get what you get ! :)

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