Castle Hill, Newport, RI, Karavan

Experience with agency Karavan Travel was positive.
How I didn't go often to the agency, I am very satisfied, all finished for me.

Experience with location Newport, RI was positive.
We had a big house, three floors, 15 guys and all from different countries .. Providence is 40 min by car, I was up to Boston.

Experience with employer Castle Hill Inn was positive.
I am very pleased! And next year I'm going at them, with one job I earned enough, tip was good, solid overtime, to 20 hours a week in the middle of the season. Although, in addition to this was important to me what was good fun, a lot of cafes, strong team.

This review represents personal opinion of Dusan who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Karavan Travel, working at Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI.

Dec 3, 2016