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  • Nothing special.

  • I am very pleased! And next year I'm going at them, with one job I earned enough, tip was good, solid overtime, to 20 hours a week in the middle of the season. Although, in addition to this was important to me what was good fun, a lot of cafes, strong team.

  • I debated with myself whether to write this experience because I worked at the same place last year, but still, a small update, just to be a realistic figure. As breakfast server last year hourly wage was $ 12, this year for those who have just started working timetable given $ 10 and only those of us who are here for the second time or permanent workers remained $ 12. Kickback is, but it is not mandatory, it can be from 5 to 25 $ a day, sometimes not. Compared to other job that I worked at the store $ 10.50, which was unthinkable easier, I'm not sure that's enough paid. Plus what they tried to send us home as soon as possible as soon as the crowd, leave only a few people to unpack everything. From this side is not doing well because of a schedule, a view that you shorten the number of hours and do not pay more than you have to. On the other hand it is good because it finished earlier, to 12 say, and then there is time for another job. As busser I made between $ 30 and 60 per shift. Hours $ 6. It was better than last year on this basis that I worked so hard. I worked and how much should be, not as they can, simply because it's not fair to do the biggest part of the job, when you do not get more than the server. Several times I worked as a server. I had around $ 110-120 per shift, with a timetable of 3.96. Surely that is possible and more taken as a server, but since I was a regular in that position, I would not know how some average earnings.

  • Wage per hour: 6 Hours per week: 20-35 At the beginning of the last weeks 40-60 Average tip: The first couple of weeks 50 -150 per week, and later knew to be so much per shift It has outdoor dining, so everything is out there and it depends on the weather. If it rains, they send you home. If it's warm and sunny difficult for you to do because you have a uniform (by the way - uncomfortable), trousers and a white shirt with long sleeves, which are easily soiled, and a long apron. Starring level, there come wealthy guests, with some stars and awards, and you are expected to act in accordance with it, a lot of pressure. Busser was my first job, hourly rate is $ 6 and 2% of the profits of each server. The bad thing is you have to collect that money at the end of shifts, to wait and that they're looking for. Earnings terribly varied. From $ 50 per week at the beginning, to over 100 for a double shift per day, which did not happen too often. Back - $ 8 hourly rate, plus $ 5 of each server, polishing silverware and glasses and edit out the cups from the kitchen to the bar on a large platter (around 30 glasses). Well during the season because gather a lot of money because of the large number of servers. I did it only occasionally, but otherwise, only Americans did that job. Plus it's all about, and room service for which also receives tips, but it can be exhausting and stressful when it's crowded because you can not achive to polish and take food to a houses on the beach for example. as it unfolds quickly. Breakfast server - $ 12 per hour, tips are not obligatory but it is mostly just because breakfast for hotel guests is free of charge, but tips can be from 10$ or so a day to 30$, disadvantage is that you have to come at 6:30, it becomes tedious. It's not hard, I was not too extensive, only here you have more responsibility. A couple of times I worked as a catering server, when they need people for weddings. When you catch a rhythm, not complicated, 14 $ an hour, no tip.

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