Newport, RI

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  • It’s a small town, not too much thing to do but with the great company it’s a great experience.

  • We had a big house, three floors, 15 guys and all from different countries .. Providence is 40 min by car, I was up to Boston.

  • The city I already described in the previous experience, it is a really nice place, a popular tourist destination, mainly families during the coming season. For accommodation is a little inconvenient if the employer does not provide, Newport takes a lot of students from Ireland and have their own group on Facebook where often seek roommates, but the only thing I can suggest is to consider this option. With that they are prone to making party how I got the impression.

  • Excellent opportunities to find a job, small tourist town . Rhode Island is the smallest state or the United States. Very nice place with a mountain of restaurants and places of work. Recommendation - to come as early as possible because the work is not a problem to find, but accommodation. ; )

  • The city is bigger , has about 150,000 inhabitants and is the possibility nalaznja other seasonal work extremely easy , is located on the shores of the Atlantic , a very pleasant climate and there are plenty of clubs, bars and places to go out

  • The climate is awful , I had no idea it could be so stuffy . Humid is the word you need to remember if you go there because you will often hear . The temperature isn't so high, about 28-30 degrees, but because of the humidity is hard to work , especially if you are working outdoors . A second job can be found , the place is small, but a tourist . People who have worked with me had a problem to find another job because I at first did not have a fixed schedule but we received it every week ( always late ) so most of us worked only one job. I was lucky to have a manager of a store that was always helpful acording to that.

  • A little town with a million bars and restaurants, where you'll be better for the first time in the USA in :) The good thing about Newport is that there is a very big chance to find extra work in particular related to catering, servers, housekeeper, and the city can not say more less bourgeois so the earn was very good. On one side of town is beach, on other are yacht tricked into bars on all sides, all in all beautiful! As for shopping there is something like a shopping center nearby where you can find really cheap stuff, I bought a suitcase full of new cloth :) From major cities to Boston's hour and a half by car, so it is always a good option to go shopping and there in a along the way and visit the city that is in my opinion one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen in America. The downside is that accommodation is quite expensive, but if you try, and here you can very well pass. I met my roommates in the hotel where I worked, the five of us lived in a three-room apartment, paid $ 240 per month, which is an understatement for nothing compared to how much earning ...

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