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  • Hourly: 8.50$ Number of hours per week: 50-65h Average tip (weekly): 0 I worked in the shop on the promenade (which is really long and there also have the opportunity to find another job) that sold clothes and some souvenirs. Work in itself was not hard, my task was to help the customers, I find them something if they can not find themselves and fix shelves and hangers. So a typical job in stores as well as here in our country. The employer and the team with whom I worked were great, it's a family business and he and his fiancee are young and are really wonderful people. They had a lot of sympathy for us, gave us a lot of hours at the very beginning of the season that is not afraid for hours and were under stress at the outset. Later as the season progresses work has more and the days pass quickly. I'm really very happy with the employer, the city was relaxed and went out to work we work out when we were too tired :) another job I was actually with the same employer because it has two stores so I am working in one and in the afternoon in the second act. If you get a job in this store warm greetings Nick and Linzi :) For any questions you can add me on Facebook ( Nina Kovac ) or send an email to

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