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  • It was great working there. All of us, we were one great team.

  • Hourly: 9$ Number of hours per week : 39 Average tip : - I was working at the reception , in general everything was ok . Of course, there is also a problem as in any other job where you have to interact with the guests , but not as widely available.

  • Hours : 7 Number of hours per week : 35 Average tip ( week) : 150-200 Serving coffee and tea , the guests, tables removal

  • Hours : 6.5 to 10 Number of hours per week : up to 100 Average tip : depending on the job , and sometimes $ 60-70 I worked really a lot of things , even sometimes five . When I happened on a health problem , the employer has appointed me to work as a waiter for breakfast , but I later found another job and worked as assistant waiter and then I performed the tasks in the preparation of food .

  • Wage per hour : 9 Number of hours per week : 36 Average tip : 20-40 I got two buildings and it was my job to keep them nice and clean. I had 6 rooms and 4 suites. Hours is good, but the payoff It has everything depends on the number of rooms that are occupied .

  • Wage per hour : 9 Number of hours per week : 42 Average tip (weekly ) : A lot of answering the phone because most of rezervationsare made by the phone, so you need to learn how booking system function. Afternoon shifts does check -ins , but also sometimes need help with serving wine included in the price Arrangement .

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