West Street Hotel- Paddys Bar and Resturant, Bar Harbor Maine, Intrax Macedonia

Experience with agency Intrax Macedonia was positive.
They were exceptionally helpful and informative , they helped me a lot with all the information and documents that i needed before i started working.

Experience with location Bar Harbor, ME was positive.
Bar Harbor is a beautiful and quiet place where you gonna enjoy your summer! I really had a great time working and living there for 4 months! You can find 2nd even 3rd job easily and enjoy the small town with breathtaking views.

Experience with employer West Street Hotel was positive.
10/10 ! I was working really hard there i didnt even need 2nd job! They were giving me 65 hours minimum every week! So much overtime and good tips from servers! Because i proves myself in front of the menagers they were giving me pool server shifts and room service shifts as well. I worked 1012 hours for 4 months.Thats an average of 65 every week. Im going there next summer as well!

This review represents personal opinion of Mario who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2018 with agency Intrax Macedonia, working at West Street Hotel in Bar Harbor, ME.

Oct 16, 2019