Waffle house, Destin, Fl, Ideas

Experience with agency Ideas was positive.
The Agency is very fair and correct , and I have the highest praise for Marija, who is 24 hours were available for students !

Experience with location Destin, FL was positive.
Small, tourist town on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico . Beaches declared the top 5 in the United States , the sand is white , as can be seen in the pictures. Several bars and discos , every Wednesday in the club organized the European Council , where , among other things , and could hear the Serbian songs. All in all a lot of places to go , what to clubs and discos , as well as house parties and gatherings at the beach . Finding another job : A large selection of other things to do . Those with a good knowledge of languages ​​can do server positions and those with less knowledge of the position basser and food runners that are well paid + good tip. All in all, the job you have at every step !

Experience with employer Waffle house was positive.
Hourly: 5$ Hours per week: 35-60 Average tip ( week) : 60-120 Chain restaurants in Destin 3 of them were . Top the morning shift where the biggest kickback . Another shift is bad , but so good tip is taken in the first and third . The managers are very correct , they called us at other restaurants to do when they missing workers , which is why a lot of us went out to meet him. The best place to work for the first shift !

This review represents personal opinion of Petar Racic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Ideas, working at Waffle house in Destin, FL.

Aug 13, 2016