The great bridge LLC & Vail corporation, Ocean city MD & Colorado, American Experience

Experience with agency American Experience was positive.
The agency was ok except the fact that they gave better jobs to acquaintances. The price a little higher ... in the rest ok ...

Experience with location Ocean City, MD was positive.
Ocean City- I didn't feel like I am in the US because there are so many Romanians and j1 students. I have the impression I am in Romania :) Otherwise, it is a beautiful town, the ocean, relatively good climate, easy to find second job etc ... but in Colorado it was a 100% American experience

Experience with employer The great bridge LLC was positive.
I was in two states, MD and CO. With both employers I was pleased, especially with the one from CO. The employer in Ocean City understood me with all the problems and gave me solutions in my favor. I was very happy with him and the one in Colorado much better. Note: 10+

This review represents personal opinion of Constantin Andrei Popa who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency American Experience, working at The great bridge LLC in Ocean City, MD.

Oct 22, 2018