Sliders seaside grill, Fernandina beach, Florida, Work& Travel group

Experience with agency Work & Travel Group was negative.
Very irresponsible, up to the minute, they have too many students and do not provide any adequate services. To my friend and me happened that we went to the embassy without the DS form, and that we are find out from the Embassy officials. When we had a problem with the employer, they said that they have nothing to do with it, that would then, after they were contacted by the employer and made a series of lies, sent threatening e-mails to everyone who worked with that employer. Ticket is more expensive for a few hundred dollars, and only to New York. Absolutely not recommended.

Experience with location Fernandina Beach, FL was neutral.
There are opportunities to find second job, but the biggest problem is that most active season lasts two months. I have a second job working in a hotel, Residence Inn by Marriott, as a housekeeper, where the hourly rate was 9.25.

Experience with employer Sliders Seaside Grill was negative.
When landing at the airport, we found out that we do not have accommodation, which is supposed to be provided. They put us in an apartment owner of the restaurant where lived one manager, and one girl slept in the same room as him. Managers were daily expressed great animosity towards our students, and when he came to the cutting, ie when someone should be sent home, it's always been me. Hours was 5,03+ tips, salary is not so bad, but there is no money that can compensate for the behavior of superiors. We have suffered a lot of psychological abuse, which is why we turned to sponsorship agency, but without success. Mostly they expressed their frustration at the students. At the end of the program they would not give us the last paycheck's, and only after pressure from sponsors, and our daily visits to the restaurant several times a day, they decided to give us what we've earned.

This review represents personal opinion of Marko who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Work & Travel Group, working at Sliders Seaside Grill in Fernandina Beach, FL.

Dec 26, 2016