ShopRite, Wayne, United Work And Travel

Experience with agency United Work & Travel was positive.
The work of associates of the agency is no coming . Simply people have a solution for everything and do not allow for improvisation by the participants. This is my second time to go to the W & T program but definitely the best experience . The first time I went with another agency. I will not say now with that , because in no way can be compared with the UWT . Price , process control , logistics in the USA simply the best .

Experience with location Wayne was neutral.
Wayne New Jersey is not a big city but it is not a village in America. This is a typical American small town and is inhabited mainly whites . The city is not something rich and there are no events in it but it is New York at 45 minutes by bus . Ticket to New York costs $ 5.95 a buses go very often . Buddy and I worked in the shop . We have not gone to the US to die from work so we are not looking for another job or business in general Wayne could be found and who likes to NY not far away. Accommodation: Accommodation more than decent and better than what we have at home. A two bedroom apartment in which we live , and 5. I mate and three Bulgarians Batko . I am just kidding a bit. OK they were Bulgarians . I worked as lifeguards at the pool and often we were with them at work. Stan , we paid $ 90 a week. Not a little but not much. Environment.

Experience with employer ShopRite was positive.
8.5 $ / hour average is 48 hours per week does not tip Job Description: The obligation to work a bit of a lot but there is time to rest and to cut corners . Scope of work is that it is all you need , starting from merchandising shelving , drop- carts from the parking market , helping the elderly to load the goods in the car or even to the fact that sometimes we assistants mascot of the day promoting some action .

This review represents personal opinion of Nikola S. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency United Work & Travel, working at ShopRite in Wayne.

Jul 16, 2016