Princess , Trapper Creek, Alaska , GPA

Experience with agency GPA was neutral.

Experience with location Trapper Creek, AK was neutral.
Some 4 hours drive from Anchorage and do not be fooled when they say Denali because it's not Denali. You have one lodge and the closest possible location is Talkeetna. Now, I liked all of it because it is virtually untapped, and I work out there, although most people do not like it.

Experience with employer Princess was neutral.
If you plan to go and work one job but before that agency told you that the possibility for another job is great, then feel free. I have a bad experience when it comes to business, the manager and all the rest. It would not be like this, because I have not gone for the money. I was disappointed in the people and how they can do things and treat them with others. At least give me the housekeeping we were treated like cattle. You're doing well, you increase the norm, doing worse yl average, threatens you will not have the bonus and overtime. Otherwise I answered the contest for prep-a and received me to wash the dishes and then when I came to the other rooms. Do not let them use you as they did to us and blackmail us. This place is only ok to work in the kitchen and that's all. Another position that I will not mention because for us, they virtually non-existent when you log on to program a go first year. Call another job you give when employees start to leave before the end of the season and this is a few hours and that's it. All in all, this place can not recommend if you want to earn a lot of money if you do not then feel free to motive. The nature and everything around what you can to visit is wonderful. And one more advice before applying or go anywhere, flip everything to find out as much about this place and places around.

This review represents personal opinion of Brankica who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency GPA, working at Princess in Trapper Creek, AK.

Oct 5, 2016