Microtell Inn and Suites,York, ME, Pestige

Experience with agency Prestige Education was positive.
I would like to commend all the agency Prestige were correct , up to date and always ready to help . For all those who plan to participate in the Work and Travel program, I recommend this agency.

Experience with location York, ME was positive.
York is a small town , more a family resort, but it is very nice with a beautiful nature, sandy beaches , open and positive people . Small gripe is that there are not many places to go out . Residents York are very welcoming and friendly , I and the people who lived with me , we had friendly contacts ( people who live in York and want to hang out and help seasonal workers ), and with their help we have seen and learned a lot about America. Great possibility of finding additional work .

Experience with employer Microtell Inn and Suites was positive.
Hours: 9.5 Hours per week: 40 Average tip: 20 Description Employer: My job was, as with all the housekeeper's, arranging hotel rooms. The job is not too difficult, and it is well paid. Employees of the hotel are great, nice, we got along and were not overly strict. Manager Amy was fair and correct for us and for her praise, super cooperate with her. Hourly paid me $ 9.5 + tips, and I worked from 9 am to 4 pm. As a second job, I worked in the Fun Park, which is located within the zoo and I worked on the carousel, fun house, slide-in, etc. The job is not difficult, but it is very boring, because the 5 hours just standing. This work has become very boring, so I decided to find a new, otherwise York is very easy to find a new job. I got a job in a restaurant Shore Road restaurant and I can say that I am satisfied primarily with my salary in that restaurant. At the restaurant, I had a lot to do, but I am quite earned. At the beginning of work time my task was to prepare food, then arranging prep room, a dishwasher (dishwashing), occasionally at the end of cooking and cleaning and scrubbing restaurants. So many have worked in the restaurant, and I was Payments 9 $ and had tips on average $ 35 higher (25 min, and the most I got $ 50 for the evening) and I had unlimited food and drink at the restaurant. Restorant is owned by the family and manager Philip is great and we had a good cooperation, even I finally said to call him if I or someone from Serbia we came to York and we have a job :) On this job I worked from 5 pm to 11pm.

This review represents personal opinion of Dusan who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Prestige Education, working at Microtell Inn and Suites in York, ME.

Jul 26, 2016