Marguerite motel, Hampton Beach, Wizantiana

Experience with agency Wizantiana was negative.
Twice I went to America via the W & T program. The second time through WIZANTIANA , i do not recommend it to anyone ! They lie, do not respond to e-mails , have lafo million jobs , but only on the site ... it all boils down to Nantucket and Block and some islands.

Experience with location Hampton Beach, NH was positive.
A small tourist town on the ocean . A handful of hotels / motels . There are also a couple of restaurants, a couple of shops, stalls and plenty of fast food , ice cream and the like . The possibility of finding another job is great. Nightlife boils down to Wally 's Pub , which comes most students . Mondays and Wednesdays are the good parties are often unable to hook up with one of the many female students who also came through the W & T . If you know the right things , then you will often hang out at home parties. The season lasts a relatively short time. Busy is a 2 months , July-August , and June and the beginning of September ( to Seafood fest . ) Is the way , not very busy . Accommodation: I find that accommodation is expensive . Basically about 85 $ / week is everywhere . Old wooden cottage - i , which shared with other students . Most request a deposit in the amount of one or two of the weekly rent, which you return at the end of the season if everything is OK.

Experience with employer Marguerite motel was positive.
Motel:8.5$+1$, Radnja:9$/h Opis posla: Motel: General helplessness at 7:30 pm come to work. The first watering plants in pots, and then I'm going to clean the pool area Sam pool. After helping the hostess - there are around room. Amounts are dirty linen, towels, garbage, etc. Enough of hiding after I pantries rooms, when there is no what to do .. :) So until 1: 30-2: 00h. Cashier- nice job! :) I've worked in a small shop. I sit all the time and chill for Trot is :) Just to say that the store did not have a list at the end of the day / week / month / season: D So it was all free. I fed like a king! And not to mention that I was the main distributor of beer for the whole house where he lived about 15 of us ... :))) Office Hours: 3:00 am-0: 00

This review represents personal opinion of Sale who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2011 with agency Wizantiana, working at Marguerite motel in Hampton Beach, NH.

Jul 11, 2016