Washington, MD

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  • The best location around D.C., everything was close and available for us, metro was near to the accommodation and we could fast and easy to reach every place around and the city center.

  • As for the second job , I immediately found another job. I worked as a lifeguard for the two companies . It is not so hard to find another job , but has to be made . It was Sunday when I worked 96 hours in one week so that it can make money when going there to make money. On the other hand whom are not as important enough steam had a job to cover the costs of travel and to repay some money . Despite two jobs, I sometimes found the time to get out , circulate at clubs and relax. Americans are generally friendly to Washington and the surrounding area . Ready for date , without prejudice and ready to help if you need anything . I plan to repeat this experience next year .

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