Continental pools, Washington, Maryland, Work Abroad

Experience with agency Work Abroad was positive.
The experience with the agency is excellent, all that was promised, was realized, as far as accommodation and transportation are concerned. Our accommodation was close to job, in one very interesting, safe and urban part of the city. People from the agency were available for us 24 hours.

Experience with location Washington, MD was positive.
The best location around D.C., everything was close and available for us, metro was near to the accommodation and we could fast and easy to reach every place around and the city center.

Experience with employer Continental Pools was positive.
I worked on an excellent pool, with the highest hourly rate and provided transport to work. Very nice experience.

This review represents personal opinion of Natalija who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2017 with agency Work Abroad, working at Continental Pools in Washington, MD.

Jan 31, 2018