Kings at the beach, North Myrtle beach, South Carolina, American Adventure

Experience with agency American Adventure was positive.
Girls are always in good mood and ready to cooperate. The only drawback is that my ds was delayed for a long time , so I had a sighting two days before the trip . But to do this is to blame the sponsoring agency .

Experience with location Myrtle Beach, SC was neutral.
The city is great, but to avoid. Tropical heat, pouring rain when it all day and dogs . In the end we get a few days off because it is not stopped falling. It is easiest to find a job as a maid at the hotel , although there are tip I would recommend. The main street is nothing special , good jobs are located in Barefoot. The city has no bus which is the very bad side . You need half an hour to cross the street because the traffic lights somewhere is not there . I recommend selling ice cream as a job especially Italian ice .

Experience with employer Kings at the beach was neutral.
Simon is always fair when it comes to payment , but it is very tiring mentally. Some girls accused and that they stole or without evidence and eventually fired them . has been spying on us while we are doing and stared at all the workers so that was awkward . If you can not find anything better then it is ok .

This review represents personal opinion of Maki who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency American Adventure, working at Kings at the beach in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Aug 3, 2016