Hilton Head Island, SC

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  • Wonderful place with a lot of cards and restaurants.

  • Great location, near the beach, across from Walmart.

  • Beautiful island , with long sandy beaches , rich plant and animal world. The great interest of tourists during the summer of this tourist city it produces a large number . restaurants, coffee bars, cafes, pizzerias , ice cream shop 's , hotels , golf clubs and many other restaurants , and with these and a large demand for labor. The possibility of finding other, the third is a great job . The advantage of the island and its location , south -east of America , where the cost of food and accommodation a lot lower than in the north. " Elite " part of the island , Sea Pines , inhabit , but also visiting millionaires , so this part of the island very good for earnings.

  • Opportunities for additional work are enormous , because this is a very tourist visited place . As for night life, there are only a few clubs , and most work only until 02:00 .

  • I have found the extra work after about 20 days. As for the island it is beautiful,the only thing I do not like is the summer heat :)

  • The island is beautiful , nightlife is great and is not hard to find not two additional work while the season .

  • There are jobs , especially in the summer , because it is a seasonal town , and flying is a lot of tourists , so it is in all restaurants require workforce . There are a couple of clubs in which we are coming out , and it's great fun. Nature is beautiful , and the beach. We were accommodated in the hotel, which was not exactly cheap (110 $ per week ) , but it was 2 minutes from the beach . Considering that the hotel was only young , there were about 300, and we were away from all (Jamaica , Thailand, the Philippines, Bulgaria, Macedonia , Kosovo ... ) , and that we have almost every night partying international rules the price is really negligible. :)

  • Well now , we're at the beginning of endured suffering , but it is probably so in most cases when you go the first time. We had a very bad first shift at work , which has prevented us to find a good job II , but somehow we all settle into the end ... At a little hard way though , but ok ... Nightlife ok , par for exiting the city , people are friendly , helpful , always willing to help. Island beautiful , a lot of students . You can accomplish everything with bike, no way you can do it walking.

  • A second job can be found easily , everywhere need additional manpower , as the island is quite visited during the summer months . Wherever you knock you will find a second job , only you need to be seeking :) As earlier you start looking for another job as better job can be found .

  • A very beautiful island, a lot of trees and small lakes, the beach is also very beautiful. The summer is very warm and the humidity is high, I can say it as a criticism, and that street lighting does not exist on the island, so at 9 o'clock is very dark, although everything functions regularly (shops, bars are open).

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