East Windsor, NJ

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  • The place is small but there are plenty of outlets , shops, restaurants , cafes and the like . Another job I did not immediately found , but this did not discourage me . Applications I lectured and toured all the places again and asked for a job. I found another job in less than three weeks , and after that I changed and I found a better job . As for the work itself should be realistic , open and do not expect that we will get the job and I find that the couples themselves to make :)) ) The advantage of this place is as close to New York , Philadelphia , Atlantic City and other interesting places . Everything is available and if you wish you can visit a lot of cities because all modes of transport is very accessible .

  • As for the extra work , we had a problem because we came in mid-June when the season has already begun , because there are already working American students . Also, the hourly rate in this part of America did not have so high that you can not earn a larger amount of money. The town is small, there are no events or places to go out and have fun. What is good is that it is located close to NY, Atlantic City , Philadelphia and Washington. The climate is similar with us. What we also bothered here is the large number of Mexicans who do not know English so you must know the Spanish ( luckily we knew ) , but on the other hand they have great competition as far as jobs. Cheap labor and efficient .

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