Hampton Inn, East Windsor, NJ, TEC Novi Sad

Experience with agency TEC Novi Sad was negative.
The Agency has decided that in the middle of program to changing the program sponsor agency , and our job was canceled a few weeks before the trip , we passed the whole process over again . Also , communication with the Agency is not the best because some information is kept for themselves and have not been updated in appearance . If they had not hired a guy from the United Work and Travel Serbia perks that would have gone to the USA .

Experience with location East Windsor, NJ was positive.
The place is small but there are plenty of outlets , shops, restaurants , cafes and the like . Another job I did not immediately found , but this did not discourage me . Applications I lectured and toured all the places again and asked for a job. I found another job in less than three weeks , and after that I changed and I found a better job . As for the work itself should be realistic , open and do not expect that we will get the job and I find that the couples themselves to make :)) ) The advantage of this place is as close to New York , Philadelphia , Atlantic City and other interesting places . Everything is available and if you wish you can visit a lot of cities because all modes of transport is very accessible .

Experience with employer Hampton Inn was positive.
Hours : 8.5 Number of hours per week : 35 Average tips : 10 The work is not too physically demanding . In the hotel , we received great and we had great help and support managers. The problem was the boss who speaks Spanish - english with a strange accent and pronunciation. She asked us to work very quickly and psychologically harassed all workers. The important thing is to fight for yourself and to know your rights .

This review represents personal opinion of Biljana who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency TEC Novi Sad, working at Hampton Inn in East Windsor, NJ.

Aug 3, 2016