Cody, WY

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  • First of all , to point out that I only worked one job, although others can be found relatively easily. Cody is about 1500m above sea level, so you can expect a very windy day and the snow commissioned in September . From Yellowstone is located some 70 km, so that we can say that is a tourist town . There are fewer of 10000 inhabitants, is named after the " Buffalo Bill Cody" and a symbol of the old American West. They are known for rafting and the rodeo , which in season shows every night.

  • Cody is a small tourist town in the state of Wyoming . It is located at the entrance to Yellowstone National Park . A lot of students from all over the world comes on the program, mostly from Serbia , Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria. Regarding other jobs , the situation is very good. Many of us had secured another job at the arrival , and anyone who wanted , he found a second job .

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