Brewster, MA

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  • Quiet and safe from all the incidents we see day by day. It was a rural area with a lot of vegetation, wild animals and in which I felt safe.

  • I spent summer in Brewster in MA, a little place where you can not spend a lot of money on shopping and going out and you can make a lot of money. A tourist place, mostly older family people who come with their families to various recreational activities (the most bike rides in Cape Cod), beautiful beaches that organize night student parties with the fire... mostly all the best about location, and I hope I will be there again next year :)

  • The city is small and it is difficult to find housing. Its a quiet place. Sometimes it may be difficult to find second job in Brewster so a lot of people work also in Orleans.

  • Since I do not like too big cities, life in Brewster is quite fit. A little city, with several clubs to go out (and all are closed by midnight), with a lot of beautiful nature, residents who are always willing to come out to meet you, especially if you did not see them and you are a bit lost :) The whole Cape Cod it is very easy to visit because of the good bus lines (some of their buses, you can pack up and three bikes), as well as beautiful cycling routes passing through all or nearly all of the city on the Cape. Cars are very considerate of cyclists who ride on August and Brewster is a very safe place, he never was afraid to be alone at night back home. In doing so, those who go in this place should be aware that the only main street is fully illuminated, and other, smaller streets, not so much. The streets of my work to the house were not at all been lit and I saw you with the help of lights on bicycles (which I recommend to everyone to iskesiraju as soon as they come to America, if you plan to work at other locations travel Bajs). All in all, the location I was very happy, and those who want a better time than that offered by Brewster, can be organized with colleagues and friends the Americans, and that car went to the adjacent, slightly more urban cities.

  • The place is small but very nice, it's on the coast and its a tourist town. There are not a lot of restaurants and cafes but Orlando (place) is a really close and there are many of restaurants and fast foods, and if you have a bike you can go wherever you want, everything is close.

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