Branson, MO

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  • The location was not so bad, though I expected there to be public transportation, which there wasn't. I met a lot of people there, some good, some bad, and still keep in contact with some of them. I would go back to spend some time with them, though nothing more than that. It's brutally hot and humid during the summer, so you better be prepared for it. Oh, and it's also got some nice locations to visit, such as the College of the Ozarks, Lake Taneycomo, The Wax Museum etc.

  • Branson is a small town, unfortunately without any kind of city transport, and the terrain is very strange, everything is up and down, so it's inconvenient to go anywhere on foot, and there are almost no pawns and therefore no sidewalks on the streets. There are plenty of theaters, and there are many attractions that can be visited, although I did not go too far. Another job can be found relatively easily.

  • The climate is similar to Serbia , summers are extremely warm and the weather was like that until the very end, that is, until 1 October . The locals are extremely nice people , one of the finest I've ever met in America , always ready to help . Branson is a tourist city visited by older Americans . It is very hilly and it is practically impossible to ride bikes because it is very crowded and there are no lanes for bikes. It has an outlet center. I did not had the opportunity to find another job because the hours were strange from 9 am to 7 pm , and I worked every day. My roommate was working from 8 am to 4 and was able to find second job as a hostess . I believe that I would to if I was tryed it a bit better .

  • The town is very small, tourist , mainly older population of people coming ..

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