Bethesda, MD

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  • I was working at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD. All the employees were so kind and cooperative, and all of them are professionals. It was such a pleasure to work with them. Also, the people in this area are so friendly, nice, helpful and caring. I’m so glad I meet such a great people there.

  • A pool i was working on is really good, people from high desk are polite. Will recommend to anyone.

  • I have found another job through a friend at the agency , I worked for a security team in Washington. People are diverse , fat and happy. They accepted me as one of them without any prejudice , they helped me to better master the language and make friends for life. The climate is similar to our but the humidity is much higher as you can feel as soon as you come out of the plane . The place where I lived was great , all the shops were close to me, shopping mall too so I had where to spend their days off and buy a lot of high-quality clothing for very reasonable prices .

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