Continental Pools, Inc, Bethesda, MD, Work Abroad

Experience with agency Work Abroad was positive.
When I first went to America, I had doubts which agency to contact, in a multitude of them, it was hard to choose the right, then my friend recommend me an agency with which he went. This agency is called Work Abroad, and they are not only good they are the best! They helped me to finish all my necessary documentation on time, in the choice of location of the transaction and apartments were very real, and everything they say about it was fulfilled. One very important factor to choose this agency was the financial part, in fact, not only as one of the most suitable agency with us, but the payment system is very good and almost imperceptible because you don't have to pay all at once. For my stay in America they made sure to be even more beautiful than I've planned it, they took me to the ocean, on a tour of various cultural monuments of all the major capitals of Eastern coast, various meetings, parties, water parks, amusement parks, roller coasters and all of it for free! Of course they cared about my job, about how people treat me, and helped me in finding another job while I was there. And at the end of my stay there, they gave me a couple of offers for the most attractive locations in the USA and the environment, either by road, by air and water trafic, and all at the best prices. Because of all this, I decided for the second time to give them confidence, and I repented. Exchanging experiences with other members of the work and travel program who went with other agencies I was sure that the agency WORK ABROAD is one of the best and most accessible agencies.

Experience with location Bethesda, MD was positive.
I have found another job through a friend at the agency , I worked for a security team in Washington. People are diverse , fat and happy. They accepted me as one of them without any prejudice , they helped me to better master the language and make friends for life. The climate is similar to our but the humidity is much higher as you can feel as soon as you come out of the plane . The place where I lived was great , all the shops were close to me, shopping mall too so I had where to spend their days off and buy a lot of high-quality clothing for very reasonable prices .

Experience with employer Community Pools was positive.
Wage per Hour : 8.4 $ 12.6 $ over time Number of hours per week : 55 Average tip (weekly ): 0 I worked on Multigard pool in one of the most famous country clubs around Washington where mostly millionaires come. At the pool I had food and drink for free , collaboration with colleagues, who were all from Serbia , and colleagues from the bar at the pool , with Americans was at the highest level, as for the job and private life . I've played football for the country club, that lifted my morale, because I love sport.

This review represents personal opinion of Zeljko Bakic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Work Abroad, working at Community Pools in Bethesda, MD.

Jul 9, 2016