Kohr Bross, Cape May, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
Advanced, professional, always available! :) The best possible!

Experience with location Cape May, NJ was positive.
Cape May is the most beautiful town in the world! :) Before leaving Serbia I researched and looked at the picture, but I could not imagine that is so magical. The city is in the Victorian style and everything is still preserved, so you have the impression that this is some 1850 years ago. :) Every free moment friend and I used bike to travel around the city and the environment, and yet we encountered something new and beautiful. Everything is nice and close-minded because i'm not a big city (land area is 6,226 km²). The centre represents the Washington street where all the shops are located next to the beach most interesting part for tourists. Here is located the house ice cream where I worked. Bus station and a large supermarket are 5 minutes away, and the beach at 7;) As far as the beach is sandy and spacious, and during the season it is necessary to buy a season pass (28 $ if I remember correctly). This year we only had 7-8 rainy days, and during the season temperature was between 25-35 degrees with a breeze, just right! :) All in all, a strong recommendation for Cape May! :)

Experience with employer Kohr Bros was positive.
Work in this ice cream shop was more than interesting. It serves only ice cream on tap, a Kohr Bross is widely known as a brand in the United States. People are 'crazy' about this ice cream, not because it is too tasty, but because it is light, and they need to;) :) In July and August, so crowded that it is red all the way down the road, up to 3 hours without stopping. : O :) In addition to gaining speed in the movement, this position is good for practicing the pronunciation of the English language. ;) The employer was correct and gave us the opportunity for advancement, we friend and I and take advantage. :) With the additional duties, schedule us from 8:38 increased to 10, and gratuities are reaching $ 35 a night, which is great for a place like that and given that we were 5 per shift. :) Schedule is harmonized so that all have not below 32 hours per week in July and August, not below 37. :) Second job The possibility of finding another job is great, especially if you get to the 15th of June. Hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes .. I have worked in a restaurant as a baser and preparation in the kitchen, and at one time as a server. Cape May is quite a rich city, but because of the clientele that comes and gratuities are quite high. ;)

This review represents personal opinion of Branislava who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Experience, working at Kohr Bros in Cape May, NJ.

Dec 9, 2016