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  • Very well.

  • Work in this ice cream shop was more than interesting. It serves only ice cream on tap, a Kohr Bross is widely known as a brand in the United States. People are 'crazy' about this ice cream, not because it is too tasty, but because it is light, and they need to;) :) In July and August, so crowded that it is red all the way down the road, up to 3 hours without stopping. : O :) In addition to gaining speed in the movement, this position is good for practicing the pronunciation of the English language. ;) The employer was correct and gave us the opportunity for advancement, we friend and I and take advantage. :) With the additional duties, schedule us from 8:38 increased to 10, and gratuities are reaching $ 35 a night, which is great for a place like that and given that we were 5 per shift. :) Schedule is harmonized so that all have not below 32 hours per week in July and August, not below 37. :) Second job The possibility of finding another job is great, especially if you get to the 15th of June. Hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes .. I have worked in a restaurant as a baser and preparation in the kitchen, and at one time as a server. Cape May is quite a rich city, but because of the clientele that comes and gratuities are quite high. ;)

  • Hourly: 7.75 $ Number of hours per week : 35-40 Average payoff : 20 $ For girls great job , is not strenuous , you're making ice cream, smiling and collecting tips , and you can not eat ice cream as much as you :) Super girls and super supervisors .

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