Harry's Oyster Bar

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  • Hourly: 3.80 $ Number of hours per week : roughly between 40 Average tip : as a rule, 18 % of the invoice or know how often customers to leave , and more sometimes 35 % if they are satisfied with the service Classic waitressing

  • Hourly: 10 $ Number of hours per week : 35-45 Work in a restaurant and waiting on guests and bringing them to the table

  • Hours : 4,43 $ Number of hours per week : 35-40 Average tip : $ 100 My first job I found the agency was actually Bungalow Restaurant, which is a very nice place holds a Greek family. However, they are very unpleasant, yelling at the workers and they you pay a $ 8.5 per hour. My position was to make a hookah in a room one by one with no windows and ventilation so I left that job. There are mainly working students and you can get a lot of hours if they impose, but my advice is do not go there. We eventually all had dealings with TIPS as incomparably better. The place where I spent a whole year and earned good money is Harry's Oyster Bar and Seafood, where I was a food runner. The most beautiful restaurant in the AC-in, wonderful atmosphere, you have a free meal ... well everything was wonderful! If you go there, be sure to tell us that you know that you are from Serbia, manager Judy will hire you because we told her we were the best workers that had so students from Serbia can be nice to pass at her. Just be persistent, we have ten days chased while we finally received an interview and a job. I briefly worked in Restorant Teplicki in Chelsea hotel as baser-were correct, earnings were about 50 tips per shift and 4.5 hourly, but to me to be a little, and I did not like to clean the tables.

  • Hours : 3.25 Hours per week: 32-42 Average tip : 18 % of the sum of sold Server or Serbian- waiter. Good job primarily because of the good earnings. A great team of people working there , starting from the manager down to the kitchen staff , excellent atmosphere at work. Sometimes it was a little tiring , especially on weekends and holidays because of the high traffic of people, but also the time flies faster and have made a better :)

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