Ere’s pizza, Lake Placid, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was neutral.
Although I reported on time ( 1 January ) that I would choose the offer that suits me and got a discount on the program , I received an offer that had remained vacant at the end , and I did not save , because the price of air tickets soared in the meantime , and also visa prices rose . For the guys from the agency can say that OK :) but the experience was neutral.

Experience with location Lake Placid, NY was neutral.
Lake Placid is located in the north of the state of New York in the middle of Adirodack nature park where there is still a million small lakes like Lake Placid and Mirror Lake-a. The closest Saranac Lake, and from major cities Plattsburgh is an hour's drive. Lake Placid is a very bad connected by bus lines, so it is best to find someone with a car who goes often to Plattsburg or Albany, where there are shopping centers and amusement parks. Or course, rented car. It has about 2500 inhabitants. In Lake Placid is all concentrated on Mirror Lake in along Main Street's restaurants, pubs, clubs, shops, station, hotels ... The only market out of the lake, about 20-30 min walk or 5-10 min city bus, which is free and which runs around the lake and to the supermarket several times a day. Nightlife is not so bad for such a small place on Wednesdays at the bowling alley is organized bowling evening, Thursday at Roomers Lady's night or pay for one drink another gratis, Fridays Balkan evening in the Arena, Saturday Roomers, but there are good pubs like the Wise guys-a i-Cottage with rock music and good food ... However, a better nightlife in Plattsburg and other major cities.

Experience with employer Ere's pizza was neutral.
$ 4.75 per hour + tips Job description: My job was a waitress / server in an Italian restaurant / pizzeria Ere 's Pizza . What is it exactly meant I saw it when I started working . Job description would look like this : waitress, bartender , hostess , baser , working behind the counter , orders to go to , collection accounts , making a salad in the kitchen , washing and cleaning cutlery , napkins constantly topping , spice , pizza box , leading the guests to their table and cleaning the restaurant. In short it looks like. Very stressful and fast tempo . Most of the program I had promised number of hours a week, but I did during the season , which lasted a month , month and a half and then I was very happy , because the tip was good and it was 10-12 hours a day. In July, I found another job as a motel houskeeper Town House Lodge , where my hourly rate was $ 9 per hour. The possibility of finding another job is great, but also a greater number of students this year was in Lake Placid in .

This review represents personal opinion of Ivana J. who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Experience, working at Ere's pizza in Lake Placid, NY.

Jul 15, 2016