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  • $ 8 / h + overtime. Worked 40 hours a week and sometimes 50 when the crowd . Job Description: Worked as a help in the kitchen , so everything in the kitchen

  • $ 4.75 per hour + tips Job description: My job was a waitress / server in an Italian restaurant / pizzeria Ere 's Pizza . What is it exactly meant I saw it when I started working . Job description would look like this : waitress, bartender , hostess , baser , working behind the counter , orders to go to , collection accounts , making a salad in the kitchen , washing and cleaning cutlery , napkins constantly topping , spice , pizza box , leading the guests to their table and cleaning the restaurant. In short it looks like. Very stressful and fast tempo . Most of the program I had promised number of hours a week, but I did during the season , which lasted a month , month and a half and then I was very happy , because the tip was good and it was 10-12 hours a day. In July, I found another job as a motel houskeeper Town House Lodge , where my hourly rate was $ 9 per hour. The possibility of finding another job is great, but also a greater number of students this year was in Lake Placid in .

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