Salty dog cafe

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  • The employer is a reliable, ready to help, salaries always on time.

  • Hourly: 9$ Overtime: 13.5$ Hours per week : minimum 40 + overtime Receiving and serving orders , checkout.

  • The employer is great . I had a live interview for a job in Serbia, when I asked him everything that interests me -in line of business, location , salary , are all complied with .

  • Hours 9 $ - 13,5 $ Number of hours per week : up to 70h Average tip : / My job was hostess to greet guests with a smile , to take them to the table and take their menus. At the end of each shift , we needed to clean up the menus , as well as chairs for children. Hours I was $ 9 thereto that I had in the season up to 70 hours a week , so they gave me over time , which I was paid $ 13.5 . Can be nice to earn , especially if you have a job with a tip. I like the hostess did not have a tip , but I did have over time , who was a nice paid. I heard from others that the Salty dogu kickback was in season and $ 90 per shift , which is great. Managers were completely correct , we could always with them about everything that we agree

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