Hampton Inn

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  • Wage per hour: 10 Number of hours per week : 40 I was in charge of breakfast in the hotel which was a type of Swedish tables ( buffet ) , my job was to prepare the food , open buffet , constantly add new content all that need ( food, coffee , juices ... ) ,give assistance to guests, close the buffet , clean up and prepare everything for the next day .

  • Hours : 8.5 Number of hours per week : 35 Average tips : 10 The work is not too physically demanding . In the hotel , we received great and we had great help and support managers. The problem was the boss who speaks Spanish - english with a strange accent and pronunciation. She asked us to work very quickly and psychologically harassed all workers. The important thing is to fight for yourself and to know your rights .

  • Hourly : 8.5 Number of hours per week : 35 Average tips : 10 It was really good and bad sides. It was a lot , a timetable was not God knows what . General manager was great and the director of the hotel, too, while the boss was disaster . The constant has been pushing us how we need to more quickly and more to do. First month and a half I worked housekeeping ( from 9 am to 4h ) until I was transferred to breakfast because they did not have enough workers , so I 'm working on breakfast. Then I was ok . She had the one meal . She worked with from 5h to 11h in the morning and then I'm free .

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