Community Pools, Alexandria, Virginia, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
I was in a couple of agencies before I went with them. In a few words - it's simply feel like family, at home, and they are the most realistic and objective, you will not promise any villas and castles, all the more detail how it is.

Experience with location Alexandria, VA was neutral.
The possibility of finding second job is not huge, because it is a city like any other non-tourist city, then with a permanent population. Although, the possibility of finding another job there, I saw it the other year when I went to the same place. The city is a few miles from the center of Washington DC, so it is very close to various pubs, clubs, places for exiting in general, as well as many museums, monuments, and the like. Not to mention Capitol Hill and the White House. Also, on all sides of the big supermarkets for all the necessary ingredients, and there are shopping malls for shopping. Transportation is decent, it's not often, because they do not use much, but it is always accurate and shiny. Whoever is able to (his job is not far away) I recommend to use a bike. The new bikes were there for about 80-90 dollars. A good, used to find and to around 30. Some of you will and hike. Metro is also present and is usually not too far away from your apartment.

Experience with employer Community Pools was positive.
Hours: 8 hours per week: 45 Average tip: 0 Aaaand now what is most important. Rescuer goes one who does not want a lot of money and does not want a hard job. Positive sides: Enough free time, the possibility to rest, very tan, repairing swimming skills, other job in the first place in terms you can give swimming lessons (if your company is allow SMART or if you do not sign up and take the steam itself, a small carries with it the risk, you have to be good with those who come to the pool with your guests), then a great deal to practice the language, if not silent one, you will have excellent English course for free, you will learn the language willingly or unwillingly, then the job takes only 3 3 and a half months, you have a lot of time to travel and to get back to giving exams. Mane: Earnings is so much to cover the cost to buy yourself some things, and that you stay over something small, if you are lucky with a pool and working hours, and the solid that you can earn. Also, if you're not talkative or always work yourself, or you have some guests who did not lose communication job is very boring, at 7.8 ... 12 hours in the sun, that is. under a beach umbrella and spend a slap. Phone is generally not permitted, although it can be as, but you will not get bored if you do it yourself and guests are you anticommunicative.

This review represents personal opinion of Goran Kliska who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency Experience, working at Community Pools in Alexandria, VA.

Oct 15, 2016