Admiral’s Flagship, Murells Inlet, South Carolina, Ideas

Experience with agency Ideas was positive.
Excellent cooperation and communication from the application to the program to return back to the end of the program. Always available and up to date, the answer to my every mail I received within 24 hours max. I would highlight training, ie preparation for work and orientation to the city in which I went by the agency organized. It helped me a lot for me to strike the USA.

Experience with location Murrells Inlet, South Carolina was positive.
A small tourist town on the ocean. The beach is beautiful and it is the right place where you will experience your day off to rest. Since you're there in the summer and by the water, great heat and the humidity is big. The main means of transportation for students is a bike that you can find very favorably in a thrift shop. Near (10km) is the greater tourist city - Myrtle Beach with an excellent and wide range any day or night time. Second job is not hard to find - would recommend to inquire at restaurants on Marshwalk, which is very close to Admiral's Flagship.

Experience with employer Admiral’s Flagship was positive.
Hourly: 2.13$ Hours per week: 40-50 Average tips 90 $ - 190 $ Servers job in this restaurant is not required because this restaurant is organized as a buffet - guests can serve themselves. (You do not need prior experience to get you way around in this position). Your job is to take orders for drink and recharging glasses with the drinks (in the USA, carbonated drinks are served in a glass of 0.5l for example, which costs $ 2 that guests can drink as much as want - when glass is empty, the server recharges), as well as doing billing account. The good thing is that it is always in the afternoon (between 2.3 and 4 to 9-10) but will be able without any problem to find another job that will work in the morning and you will not have the hassle of fitting shifts. Manager of the restaurant is correct. When you highlight and effort to doing a good job and daily tasks will have the opportunity to receive higher tables (more guests - greater account - bigger tip) or more hours. All in all - a nice experience!

This review represents personal opinion of D.Milosavljevic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2014 with agency Ideas, working at Admiral’s Flagship in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.

Jun 11, 2016