Fantasy Island Amusement Park, Beach Haven, NJ, Go To SUA

Experience with agency Go To SUA was positive.
Extremely pleased with the services I received from my registration and after my return from the US.The staff is very kind, informations are very organized and clear. Excat what a student who go for the first time or for the second or third time.

Experience with location Beach Haven, NJ was neutral.
Island is small, few shops :) and you need public transport.

Experience with employer Fantasy Island Amusement Park was positive.
Pleased in large part, although the hourly wage could have increased slightly. Job is not very hard, it works in the room, air conditioning, clean.

This review represents personal opinion of Nadejda Popescu who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Go To SUA, working at Fantasy Island Amusement Park in Beach Haven, NJ.

Jul 22, 2017