Venus Woods, Avon, GPA

Experience with agency GPA was positive.
I went with a friend in North Carolina , the first time we isle for the United States and have helped a lot of people from the agency , and the agency we decided through referrals !

Experience with location Avon, NC was positive.
Not much but it is a tourist and very beautiful city on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and it is to find another job !

Experience with employer Venus Woods was positive.
Hourly: 9.25$ Number of hours per week : 36 Good pay and plenty of hours of work, overtime is paid in addition, debts were working on the cash register , filling shelves and assistance clientele if you have any questions , I think that overtime is paying 13.85

This review represents personal opinion of Zorica Lazarevic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2012 with agency GPA, working at Venus Woods in Avon, NC.

Aug 10, 2016