Tam O Shanter, Long Island, NY, GPA

Experience with agency GPA was positive.
Excellent agency working perfectly and I have no objection, each and are cast for each recommendation

Experience with location Long Island, NY was positive.
Nice place, 45 minutes from NY Country Club which has a lot of work. The city is not so much the urban and menu to suit near NY because I have time to visit and yet there is not much money to be consumed.

Experience with employer Tam O'Shanter Golf Club was positive.
Employers are ok like everywhere you need to be bucking for a hundred better place but they are correct. Provided food and accommodation are paid on time honoring all. There is work if you want to do. Also, there are periods when there is less and periods when there are more hours of work. All in all it is ok.

This review represents personal opinion of Marko who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency GPA, working at Tam O'Shanter Golf Club in Long Island, NY.

Oct 5, 2016