Schulte’s Family Lodge, Lake Placid NY, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
Extremely kind and caring agents, patiently for a few-hour search for a suitable job .. Cooperation to wish for !!

Experience with location Lake Placid, NY was positive.
A small tourist town in the state of New York , located two hours from the capital of this state - Albany . Subordinated to the ( winter ) Olympic Games that were held there twice , guests are mostly athletes of various profiles , especially triathletes . There are a couple of big events that are held during the summer season , it is the place overbooked and every hotel is full. It is not hard to find another job , especially if you are seeking some in the morning shift . There are a couple of cafes that are designed for fun. Year 2013 was pretty cool for us who are accustomed to +40 , but it is hard to adjust .. Be sure to bring warm clothes for the place in the mountains and how the year goes by , the nights are getting colder ...

Experience with employer Schulte’s Family Lodge was neutral.
Hours: 9 Number of hours per week: 30 Tips average: 20 Description Employer : My experience is that small and family hotel should be avoided because they are not so busy compared to the large and well-known names . Anything can happen to you if you are not careful, my employer was an alcoholic wife of 70-odd years, so it was hard to find a common language with her. But we Balkans , tough nut to crack , so we were able to deal with all sorts of characters ..: D I adored my second job, I hardly wait to go to work there because it was so much fun and I had a great match with my colleagues ... I worked as an expediter (position in the kitchen) , and later I was promoted to the position hostesses .

This review represents personal opinion of Bojana Djukic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency Experience, working at Schulte’s Family Lodge in Lake Placid, NY.

Jul 26, 2016