Rocky Mountain park Inn, Estes Park Colorado, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
With agency was everything all right, I am satisfied as a representative of the agency came personally to visit us when we had problems with other things.

Experience with location Estes Park, CO was neutral.
I went back and most of the students of this program satisfied overall impression, or travel, socializing, experiences and everything that you will not talk. For nice of you is important to hear the other side of the real problems that you can have and what you can prevent. Estes Park is a small city in the mountains near the Denver, it is best to compare with our Zlatibor or 3 times smaller than the Zlatibor. In Estes Park America practical and you will not see, because in addition to language and nothing but a few things you can not reminiscent of America, entertainment virtually non-existent, there is one club that will Calis bores and Loningans bar and Wheel bar. To get down to business and employers, because that is what you should primarily interested in everything else as where they shop bla bla it will quickly get to know each alone. Problem No. 1) and Allen Alice, Alice is representative of the sponsoring agencies from USA and works for Colorado, so that every student who comes in Colorado will have contact with her, she is to you and the accommodation which you previously fraud and sign a contract that you removed from the plate for rent. In Estes Park is not very rich offer accommodation or apartment for 6 persons can be found for $ 1200-1400 per month and not as we do that of 3000 $ per month, there appears and Alen Alen is Alice pulin, lik that is savage and unrelated to the agency, or by Alis hired to intimidate students. He was allegedly responsible for the payment of rent for the first month that does not go through waiting. It was with him various inconveniences by all students, to have his guns, threatened, came to work looking for people, just goth. So if you can only find accommodation or at least change after a month, but even there you will have problems if you want to change accommodation. Problem No. 2), Nepalese: 60% of students in Estes Park will work with the Nepalese, they keep a few shops and employ students, these shops are Loningans lounge and bar, Kebab, Wild Rose restaurant and another that opened but do not know the name of the same a Nepals food. What I want to advise you, if you get an offer Kitchen worker or a dishwasher as it comes mortar is not the same, it is better that you robbed a bank somewhere and them go down like a man, like you chose imprisonment. In Nepalese will not trash 5 seconds to stand, it happens that things do 3 hours non-stop, restaurant is full and you work like machines, tickets coming one after the other, after three hours we finish everything and stand half a minute to rest or NO Nepalese enters kitchen and makes you wipe out not only stand repression. Much better job that i could not accept something like Servera, be prepared for daily harassment, for every little thing will tell you something, in most cases it is nonsense, but you will have to suffer. Yet their restaurants have a lot of guests so if you have a good server shall be taken, and tips and then to easily tolerate harassment, or in the kitchen to be $ 9 you do not recommend. I worked in three places: 1) Village Pizza, classic pizzeria, classic job in a pizzeria, not too hard but not too easy. The same thing with earnings, about 30 hours a week does not give you more anyway anything special. 2) Loningans with the Nepalese, here I explained 3) Hotel - Rocky Mountain Park Inn, and definitely my best position, the hotel is owned by a large American chain and the entire administration are Americans, no Nepali people, Mexicans and others. In the Hotel definitely have the most understanding and respect for each employee, you will feel comfortable while you work without pressure and effort. The only position at which is not the brightest Housekeeping, they definitely have the most work to do. I worked as a cook in the kitchen and the work is very good, very little work we have literally 8 hours maybe 3 hours of active work to drink and you can eat all you want and what you want, I say if you are a worker in kitchen. Also so good i position in the hotel restaurant, Baser, Server, hostesses. The restaurant is not a high traffic, but all who have worked are satisfied. Perhaps this situation will change as the hotel gets renovated and new management. Yes, every employee of the hotel got a room in the Dorm $ 250 per month so it is with this party secured. Estes Park has no transportation to the city ie Denver, or closer to Loveland or Fort Colins, so do not let Allen cheats and extracts 30 $ per person that you drive on the social security number, but ask your employer to drive you who work with him. If you come and do the real purpose of this program a little and see and spend is not just to work as African slaves and after get on a plane and go back home, I recommend you to buy a car as soon as you arrive. If you come with friends two or three or four, look for the car, from the people who live here or Creg list, because you really need a car. Estes Park is in the mountains and hilly city, bicycle has to push the entire year, and $ 1,000, you can buy a proper car that business can sell for $ 500-600 but you used to go to town, to the national park and much more.

Experience with employer Rocky Mountain park Inn was positive.
Everything I have described in the description of the location.

This review represents personal opinion of Ivan who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2016 with agency Experience, working at Rocky Mountain park Inn in Estes Park, CO.

Nov 7, 2016