Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Palace Playland, BHV

Experience with agency BHV Education was neutral.
I do not have specific complaints about the work of the agency , did an excellent job correctly . Some things can be better, but all in all more positive than negative experience .

Experience with location Old Orchard Beach, Maine was positive.
Season begins in late June, and then the second , third and even find a job without a problem, but if you are persistent you can get lucky before. There were people who worked more than 100 hours a week . The second job will give you 99 % will be housekeeping , because " one million " motels along the coast. Captain are between 8.5 $ -10 $ + tips. I have worked until September 9 $ , a tip was negligible. In September I moved to another motel and radio until the end of the month for $ 10 and a good tip. Nightlife is mostly limited to house parties etc . There are a couple of clubs where you can go out , they are quite OK but work until 1 am . The nearest big city is Portland, there is something better, but again, nothing special. Also, immediately after coming OOB town of Saco, in whom you have Funtown & amp; Splashtown (amusement park) with excellent facilities. Also, if someone interested in skydiving, some 2 hours Lebanon is a place where i can do that :) Boston to two hours away by train. Return ticket about 44 $. The climate is awkward for those who love hot summer. It's been known to happen in August to drop such a fog that "you can not see your hand in front eye". The water in the ocean quite cold, but ..... who cares for that, and we have to tease a little bit. Be sure to bring your sweater or two (preferably older things will be thrown at the end of the season because the new things can be bought quite cheaply), raincoat, because a lot of rain falls. In early September morning temperature falling to about 6-7 degrees. Locals friendly, with what their grinning and greeting even though they see for the first time in my life. Students have most Bulgarians, then Jamaicans and Turks. There were also Russians, Ukrainians, Moldovans, Romanians, Chinese, Kazakhs ,, Jordanians, Albanian, Dominican, Azerbaijanis, and even the Spaniards. Of course, people from ex-Yu - Serbs, Bosnians, Croats, Macedonians .... We had a great relationship. All in all, I think you can find better place for earnings etc. If you want a place where you will know "everyone" and have good fun after work, to have security, power to stay on the beach all night / morning stroll relaxed with his girlfriend in a 4 am .... then this is the place for you.

Experience with employer Palace Playland was negative.
Sessions: $ 7.5 Hours per week: 40 Average tip: Description Employer: we treated like slaves, they threatened us and the abolition of visa cancellation (if you do not begin to act a fool), we were not allowed to sit, to talk to other employees during working hours to drink the juice from the cans to chew gum and FIG. Jun was a disaster, partly because of the time (when it was rainy park was closed), partly because of the working hours (it was only on weekends, and it doubles after 12 hours). Students are leaving Palas although it was the first job, not because they could not have been known from before sponsorship agency as bad employers and idiots. Also, it should be noted that we have been working shifts for less than 6 hours, and seized us break the paycheck, which is not legal. And yes, they stole the hours, always after 2-3 hours less on the check. The only good thing is socializing. Many people from all over the world in this small space, a looot of girls, the Americans are in a constant conversation ... Of course there are beautiful parts. However I stayed there the whole season, to somehow tie for people ...

This review represents personal opinion of Diabolique who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2013 with agency BHV Education, working at Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Jul 26, 2016