Aquarius motel, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Experience

Experience with agency Experience was positive.
The most effective , most affordable , too kind , available at all times . I am very happy , and everybody that I have met through the agency. On a scale of 1-10 , let me say..1000 ! ; )

Experience with location Old Orchard Beach, Maine was positive.
A pleasant little place. Beautiful beach, long, decorated the city center, with about 15 shops, a lot of fast food shops, plenty of motels and hotels. There are not many places to go, 3-4 bars, and a disco that is open until 1 am. If you work two jobs, more than enough for a good night life. :) Everybody are friendly, amazing culture in traffic. There is a local bank, which I recommend to everyone. Max are friendly, expeditious, and you can not remain indifferent to their hospitality. I even went there to cheer her up, but as a way to check on something. :) In May and September can be a litle bit cold so be sure to bring sweatshirts and slightly warmer clothes. May and October require a jacket. ;) There's a lot of wind and even when the temp. about 35 C, is tolerable. This year there was no a lot of rainy days, only 7-8, but it varies as well in any other place. Portland is near, and there you can šopingovati a large outlet center. The possibility of finding another job is solid, except that after mid-June already run out of position, so as soon as you arrive you are looking for.

Experience with employer Aquarius Motel was neutral.
Wage per hour: 8 + bonus at the end of 0.5 & / h Number of hours per week: 26 - 30 Average tip: 10 - 20 $ Almost negative. Insufficient number of hours because the motel is small, and the bosses were non stop at your '' neck '. Even after 3 months of almost perfectly work. Hours: 8 + bonus at the end of 0.5 & / h Number of hours per week: 26 - 30 Average tip: 10 - 20 $ Almost negative. Insufficient number of hours because the motel is small, and the boss were non stop '' neck '. Even after 3 months almost perfectly odrađivanog job. Second job: Palace Playland Park, an operator at the games, the supervisor - The biggest attraction OOB's luna park Veli. Part of the area with rides and games are two separate sections of the park. Work on the rides is not difficult, while at the games a little more demanding. During the management of the games you have to stand and be ready to communicate with guests at any time. I worked the second shift, from 5 to closing, usually around midnight. Time is not fixed because it depends on the weather and visitors. It's a little hard when it's very hot, but I remember only the good moments. The team was phenomenal, we all got along nicely, with three main supervisors who were always there for us. The timetable is $ 8.5 with the ability to advance if I show. Basically, you need a lot of smiles and kindness, to which hosts respond best. Park does not work when heavy rain or storm, this year only three times has been the case. This option for another job I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their language and who are looking for less physically demanding job.

This review represents personal opinion of Branislava who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency Experience, working at Aquarius Motel in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Aug 9, 2016