Newport Beach Hotel and Suites, Middletown RI, GPA

Experience with agency GPA was positive.
Boyfriend and I went for the first time, and it was great

Experience with location Middletown, RI was neutral.
Excellent location near Newport , which is an amazing city has lots of Victorian period houses in America that are now museums so that there are things to see, city also is extremely alive I think it has about 200,000 inhabitants, so it is very nice to be there and the weather was great I think that's perhaps only two days rained during the year.

Experience with employer Newport Beach Hotel and Suites was neutral.
Wage per hour: 12 $ Number of hours per week: 60-80 Average tips: Good thing we really had a lot of working hours, between 60 and 80 per week and consequently a lot of overtime. The downside is there is no time for anything other than work. The reason I wrote for a job that is neutral ... it's because they treated us us as a lower race, we literally did not have any rights in this hotel, we worked from 9 in the morning, so long as they wanted to keep us at work , each of us with the program at least once cried because of the boss ... every morning would begin with the words "you are no workers' and everyone who would like to be in my position as regards the job, I wish them all the luck because I'm a little to go wrong with the program. my boyfriend when he resigned due to harassment at work called CIEE and told them everything they put him to a private line and told him that his visa would be reduced if he does not come back to work, a he just call on them to help him ... And here 2 months from the completion of a job they did not send us the wages that they owe us ... so my experience with the job was one of the hardest things in my life, no physical effort, but mental abuse. As for location, the probability was wrong because it was beautiful in Newport, we had great quarters, we have met many wonderful people and a score for Newport would give 10! :) Greetings Milena Zivkovic

This review represents personal opinion of Milena Zivkovic who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2015 with agency GPA, working at Newport Beach Hotel and Suites in Middletown, RI.

Aug 9, 2016