Lusten Mountines, Lusten MN, Student Travel

Experience with agency Student Travel was positive.
This year I was very pleased with the agency we traveled with: young person, concrete information both on site and agency, seriousness and fairness...

Experience with location Lutsen, MN was positive.
The place I was at... it was perfect for me, even if it was a more secluded place and quite safe from the crowds of the big cities, it was surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests, it was just like I imagined.

Experience with employer Lutsen Mountains was positive.
The employer was very ok and respected his duties including transportation and accommodation. He was helpful in many situations, always optimistic and with a smile on his lips. I worked on a Housekeeping post.

This review represents personal opinion of Cosmina Pacurar who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2018 with agency Student Travel, working at Lutsen Mountains in Lutsen, MN.

Dec 8, 2018