Lodge at Spruce peak, Stowe, VT, AYUSA

Experience with agency AYUSA was positive.
Accurate, accessible, fast, professional and help in every part of the process. All the best!

Experience with location Stowe, VT was positive.
A little place, only 4-5000 inhabitants. A mountainous area, in the winter there is a ski center, in the summer it is a time for a holiday. Usually people from Boston and all of Massachusetts are on vacation.

Experience with employer Lodge at Spruce peak was positive.
A phenomenal department! The bosses are nice, caring, helpful. They help with the schedule, the other job, they have understanding, but they want to do it, which is quite okay.

This review represents personal opinion of Sara Đurić who was participating Work & Travel program in year of 2018 with agency AYUSA, working at Lodge at Spruce peak in Stowe, VT.

Dec 8, 2018