Yosemite National Park, California

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  • If someone interested in west coast and work in a national park, I will share my experience. I worked in Yosemite National Park in California. In a place called Wawona, a smaller part of the park. Otherwise, in this town there is a hotel "Big Trees Lodge 'and' Redwoods' company that rents private cottages. The first job was in the hotel as a busser, the hourly wage was $ 10.15 plus tip to share with your server (you get 25-30%) super job requires a bit better English or got you off the fingers if you do not know the best because you can over time through story with people significantly improve the language. Other housekeeping job in these cottages, the hourly wage was $ 10 not too difficult, adjusting the beds, clean the bathrooms, kitchen, vacuuming and dusting. You can do both jobs in one day if you are working dinner at the hotel, from 3 to 8 poles, housekeeping, half of the 5 to 10, half 11 busser at the restaurant. Accommodation was $ 21.17 a week, we lived in houses with all the furniture, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. We would eat at the hotel, has a menu of employees, prices range from $ 1 to 4.75 $ and you can eat breakfast lunch and dinner. All in all, nice to get a result if you want to do and the nature is beautiful who loves nature. I hope this will help someone.

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