Yellowstone National Park, WY

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  • There was no possibility for extra work , the city soooo far , and they hired a billion people so we had a very small number of working hours

  • There was a disaster too many people employed , hours of work , we had very little , and the city is nowhere but there's nothing not to be seen not to be much like

  • Since this is a National Park and extends almost over the entire state of Wyoming, which is under federal authority and protection is rarely populated and is finding a different job (almost) impossible. For those who are adventurous and like to spend their free time outdoors will enjoy. Nightlife is not represented because it is quite a distance from the work places- if you are employed by Xanterra Parks and Resorts. Daily life, however, is very diverse - hiking, rafting, camping, bus tour all the villages along the turning guide reconnaissance tour in search of wild animals. All will leave you breathless and all recommended because really once in a lifetime opportunity. ;) Clima. Year to which we are accustomed to last month and it has since mid-July to mid-August. Other months is fresh, mainly around the twentieth scale interval. I recommend sweatshirts and T-shirts with long sleeves, and even fall jacket with a hood, because there are a lot of rain, of course, shoes that is impermeable to water. Do not be surprised if you meet and rinse snow in early June and late September, because it is still to 3000m above sea level. Earnings depend on the job (position) and volume. To work overtime do not count, the tip is too bad. You can count that will earn invested and you'll be on a positive zero.

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