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  • I was in Vail, Colorado, a small town with lots of tourists, friendly people, where everyone knows each other, second job can be found everywhere :)

  • Vail has a very good location. It is located just two hours from Denver and is connected with the main roads that allowed me to visit some places in Colorado and Utah. For example Arches NP and Canyonlands in Utah are four hours away from Vail and definitely worth a visit. If you are a nature lover, you like hiking, biking, etc. then Vail is a right place for you.

  • Beautiful nature like from the movie. There are a lot things to see. Anyone who loves nature will definitely not regret it if he chooses this location.

  • A beautiful mountain place, arranged as in Switzerland, accommodate was 230 for two weeks.

  • As I have already noted, this is the third year that we are on the Work and Travel program. All three destinations are interesting in their own way. The first destination was Wisconsin Dells and the other was Kanab- Utah. The last place where we were is a mountainous and tourist city two hours from Denver, Vail, Colorado. Vail is fantastic for those who do not like excessive heat, which are not enchanted night life (although there are discos and cafes), and who want to be of enormous commitments in college breaks during the few months of the program. Otherwise, Vail is a small town with a number of the most exclusive hotel (The Ritz Carlton Residences, Marriott, The Arrabelle, Holiday Inn, Four Seasons, etc.) where spend their holidays some of the most famous people in America. Also indispensable are restaurants that are literally next to each other and all offer a different type of cuisine. When arriving in Vail, as a worker in their town, you get a card that gives you discounts at certain restaurants and attractions. At an altitude of 2500m, with great views of the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, which are the summer days were covered with snow, Vail is definitely a place for relaxation and enjoyment.

  • Vail is a beautiful city near Denver. It's filled with hotels and restaurants, the season passes through the city a lot of people so it is very easy to find extra work. In the city there is also a lot of opportunities to practice extreme sports and similar activities. My first job was as a Houseman, where my hourly rate was $ 10, but I had a lot of overtime so that in the end it turned out many cost-effective. I found another job in a restaurant as a foodrunner where I had a really good working conditions. On both jobs I had free food in unlimited quantities. So that's all I would recommend this place, you will not regret.

  • Ok, folks first thing I have to say is that if you have a chance in life, be sure to go to Vail in Colorado ... a great spot literally paradise on earth, the nature of the green bricks, 200 of 100 people helped me: D

  • Ski resort something similar to Kopaonik at us , they say that it is full of tourists during the winter although during the summer very well, has a lot of disco bars and pubs

  • Extremely beautiful tourist town, or village , as they are called . The crime rate of 0.01 % So , you can sleep on the street no one touched you would not. The people are very friendly and cultural program , and is always willing to help. Which can not be said for some other parts of the USA :) As for jobs, there is all tricked out with hotels, so it is very easy to be found extra work , but two.

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