Sun Valley, ID

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  • The location is wonderful. You are at an altitude of about 1800 meters, and the air is very clean, but you also need to drink a lot more liquid than usual. It's been sunny all summer, so does the name of the place, Sun Valley. Rain falls very rarely once or twice a month, you have opportunities for a nice summer. You have a free swimming pool, lots of activities like hiking, mountain biking. Also in the vicinity are several beautiful glacier lakes that are definitely worth a visit. The little town next to the resort is 5 minutes by bike, or bus that goes every half hour and is also free of charge. Bars are very cheap, which was extremely important to me;)

  • Great location, lot of opportunities for outdoor activities, hiking, mountain biking, great nature, awesome views.

  • At the beginning of August could be found another job in a small town next . In Sun Valley can hardly find another job because it is the whole resort but the same employer . There are several bars, night life, what is concerned and has a staff canteen is quite cheap and the food . Air conditioning during the day the same as with us a cold night and nice to sleep :) Accommodation : $ 150 per month which is okay .

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